Maui Ash Scattering Services

Maui Ash Scattering Services

ash scattering services

Let us help you scatter your loved ones ashes


Blue Soul Maui has been offering Ash Scattering services on Maui for over 10 years to visitors and residents. We take great pride in providing very intimate and personable Ash Scattering services. We can use traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoes as the means as vessels to do burials at sea.

Maui has been a very special place for a lot of people over many years. It’s beauty and tranquility offer unsurpassed sense of peace, love, and relaxation. People’s stress seem to lift away with each day they spend here. It is no wonder Maui is the most popular wedding destination in the world and a place people come to spend many types of special occasions, from vow renewals, anniversaries, honeymoons, birthdays etc.. So it is very fitting that Maui would also be lovely place to say goodbye to your loved ones.

My first Ash Scattering service  request came as a surprise. I had never offered it before. Someone had found my website and saw that we did outrigger canoe tours. Their loved one that had passed had requested having their ashes scattered at sea in Maui. My first was thought was, I feel privileged that I had been asked to do such a service. My second thought was, this is going to be so sad, what do I say to these people? How do I go about this? Luckily, they only requested that I paddle them out. They had already done a proper service. So my job was easy that day. I honestly have to say, my first experience was unbelievable. I knew immediately this is the way I want to go. I learned so much from that day. It was not dark and depressing like I thought it would be. It was very uplifting. Yes, there was sadness, that you cannot deny, but there was something about that experience that left everyone so appreciative of having that persons life in theirs and a general appreciation for the beauty of life that we all sometimes take for granted. It was like being awakened like never before, it is hard to come up with words that accurately describe that experience. Since then I have helped provide numerous ash scatterings at sea.

The average cost of a funeral these days is $12,00 – $19,000 when all said and done.  The cost of a coffin can quickly reach that of $10,000 alone. The average cost of cremation if done directly through a crematory is $1,500 to $3,000. The services normally associated with scattering ashes is a fraction of the cost of that of a traditional funeral service where one is buried in a cemetery. These are figures I have come up with based on my own research.


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I know it sounds a little weird, ” A adventure company providing burial services? “. I would like to think of Blue Soul Maui as much more than just a adventure company that specializes in creating fun private ocean and land tours. I like to think of ourselves as means to help people create memories, strengthen bonds between loved ones, bring people closer to nature. Not only that, but be a responsible business that supports the host culture here on Maui. So to offer something like this to me makes perfect sense. I feel it is a privilege and a honor to be included in such a experience.

Burial at sea

Ash Scattering on Maui by Canoe




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