Maui Outrigger Canoe Whale Watch

Today Blue Soul picked up the Fitzgerald Ohana on Wailea Beach in our Hawaiian outrigger canoe for a whale watch. It was a typical South side Maui morning, flat calm water, blue skies , waves barely breaking on the beach. After quick safety and instruction briefing we paddled out into the ocean. About 20 minutes into the tour we kept hearing a humpback whale. The sound was getting louder and louder. We stopped paddling. As the canoe came to a stop we were baffled how loud the whale was. It was so loud , the fiberglass under our feet was vibrating with sound waves from the whale. I looked down , and there it was! A huge humpback whale about 6 six under the boat hanging motionless upside down singing. Everyone was froze with amazement, awe and for some a bit of fear. We sat there for a good 25 minutes listening to this humpback. When it came up for a breath next to us it gave us a little shower, leaving us smelling like low tide. Then we were lucky enough to have three more whales swim over to join our singing friend. They put on a little show, slapping their tales and even a couple full breaches before going on their way.

Maui Outrigger Adventure
I have been doing whale watch tours for about 10 years and it never gets old. I could only imagine what goes through peoples minds when they see and hear these beautiful creatures for the first time. The most common thing I hear people say is ” I will never forget this ” I feel very fortunate to able to help create these kind of experiences and memories for my guests. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart that books with Blue Soul Maui, you all keep me living the dream!


We hope you enjoy our Maui Outrigger Canoe Whale Watch!

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