West Maui Loop Tour

Charlie with Blue Soul Maui had a lot of fun yesterday taking the Johnson’s on a adventure around the west Maui Mountains yesterday. They started out in Kihei having breakfast at Kihei Cafe. Kihei Cafe is South Maui’s most popular breakfast joint. Located in the heart of Kihei town. Don’t let the long line deter you. It goes fast and the wait is worth it. Big portions and a lively ambience. Located right on bustling south Kihei rd, with surf schools hopping across the street and curious tourists getting acquainted with the area. It’s also a great place for meeting people and people watching in general.

Tour of West Maui by Blue Soul

After breakfast we hopped in the Rubicon for a days adventure. First stop was Iao State Park for a quick walk about and some great photo opportunities. Guava season was in full effect still, so we took advantage of that too. If you give the tree a good shake the ripe ones will fall.

The rain was back and forth , never too hard though. We were able to keep the top down throughout the tour. We chose to go counterclockwise around west Maui, that way we would end up in Lahaina Town around lunchtime. During the drive around we got lots of great photo opportunities with great ocean and mountain views.

We stopped in the little town of Kahakaloa and got some of Julia’s famous banana bread and lilikoi butter to spread on it. The people in the village always greet and thank you for stopping with the warmest aloha. It is a very quaint little village. A few fruit stands, a shave ice truck and a cute little church and a few Taro patches , one bridge with a stream pouring out of the valley is what the town is made up of. Makes you feel like you went back in time. You won’t see people talking on cell phones as there is no reception, even if there was the locals most likely don’t care to have them. If you get the chance to visit this place, I highly suggest stopping and getting some banana bread or some sort of souvenir to help support the people of Kahakaloa.

The road leading in and out of Kahakaloa is extremely narrow, barely one lane , with steep drop offs with no guard rail. Please drive really slow and drive with respect and Aloha. Also, there are lots of sharp blind corners along this drive, be careful.

Tours of West Maui

Next stop was Kapalua Bay. This is a small bay that has a nice little beach, great snorkeling. It is sorta tucked in, protecting it from the strong trade winds that Maui experiences in the afternoons. Here we went snorkeling, saw lots of fish, turtles, eels and other little ocean critters. After snorkeling we hopped on some stand up paddle boards and went for a little spin around the bay. After that, our appetites where pretty strong, so we headed out for lunch.

I told them about three restaurants that are right next to each other and right on the ocean. They are Mala Tavern, Honu, and the newest Frida’s. They are sister restaurants. You can quickly pop in and see the ambience and get a menu of each to quickly help you make up your mind. They chose Frida’s. It’s a mexican themed eatery, with a flare for fresh local ingredients and creative dishes. It was a great choice. I had two tacos, one with short rib and one with fish. So good! We shared some guacamole dip that had some pomegranate seeds and a little mexican white cheese sprinkled over it. ┬áNot only did it look pretty is was awesome.

After lunch we enjoyed the scenic drive back to Wailea. All together is was a beautiful day. I feel very fortunate to be able to help create and be apart of these kind of experiences. Mahalo to the Johnson’s and to Mark Few of Gonzaga for sponsoring their adventures here on Maui.


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