Road to Hana Tour

A Road to Hana Tour should be on your bucket list during your stay on Maui. If you really want to experience the Road to Hana, this is the tour for you!  If you want to  do the “Road to Hana” do it right and do it with Blue Soul Maui!
 You will  get the opportunity for lots of great photos to take home, get to swim in waterfalls, explore caves, cliff jumping into a pool of ocean water. This is your tour so we can adjust the pace and adventure level to your liking.
Most Road to Hana tours are done in big overcrowded vans and your experience  could feel rushed and leave you feeling like just another number. We take pride in making your experience more intimate and fun.
Let one of our knowledgable guides help you navigate the road to Hana and show you the best spots to see. They will also double up as your personal photographer for the day..
This tour can be tailored in many ways to assure you have the most memorable experience possible.
This tour comes with a cooler packed full of beverages and delicious snacks. We can grab lunch at one of Hana’s local eateries and set up a nice spot next to the ocean to enjoy a delicious lunch.
To book this tour a consultation is required to insure optimum customization.
So give us a call or email us or fill out our consultation form.

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