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The road to Hana while staying on Maui can be a very challenging adventure to take on by yourself. The road has about 59 one lane bridges and over 600 hairpin turns. Many times there are cliffs dropping down over 100+ feet just inches from the shoulder of the road. The average speed limit is 25mph. It has been dubbed “The Road to Divorce”.

There are so many places to stop to get great photos, to take a quick adventure to explore caves, to swim in waterfalls, to experience a dense bamboo forest, and to see red or black sand beaches. Time is valuable during the road trip to Hana; the last thing you want to do is spend it arguing about which stops to make or where they are. Your trip is supposed to be fun, exciting and full of laughter, not one full of relentless back seat driving and dueling ideas of what to do. This is why we highly suggest hiring a private guide company such as Blue Soul Maui.

Road to Hana Tours

Awesome Road to Hana Jeep Tours

You can eliminate and save in so many ways by taking a private tour of the road to Hana. Here is a list of those ways and reasons.

1. Money. According to an article in 2006 in Forbes magazine the average cost of a divorce was $15,000 to $30,000. That is just in legal fees alone. Remember this road has been dubbed “The road to divorce” but that is for people who attempt it on their own. Imagine what you could do with those savings. Don’t become another statistic, book a tour!

2. Time. Time is so valuable while on vacation! Imagine all the time you could spend prepping for this trip. Imagine all the time spent gassing up at the gas station, the long lines at the grocery store (getting all the snacks and beverages you will need for the trip), and all the time you would spend staring at your phone or iPod researching where to stop and what do. Imagine all the time spent yelling “slow down”, “speed up”, “watch out”, “you’re too close”, “do you even know where your going?”, “you’re killing me”, and “I can’t believe you talked me into this!”.  Now imagine gaining that time to sip on that cocktail and gaze into your loved ones eyes as the sun is setting, instead of staring at your smart phone trying to plan out your trip to Hana, or relaxing poolside at your hotel instead of standing in line at the overpriced grocery store, or enjoying the last little bit of sleep in your comfy bed instead of getting up extra early to make sure you are prepped and ready for the Road to Hana journey.

3. The Experience. People vacation on Maui for a reason. Maui has been voted the number one island destination in the world multiple times. People are looking to get away from their everyday busy and stressful lives. They are needing that feeling of relaxation, the sense of no responsibilities, a spark of romance, to reconnect with oneself, family and mother nature. Maui has this mystical aura that can create all of these feelings, but in order for these kind of experiences to happen you have to open up your wallet, I mean heart. By taking a private guided tour of the Road to Hana you can greatly increase your experience in so many ways. Pass on the task of planning, shopping, driving to a professional and experience this amazing day of adventure and sight seeing to its fullest.

4. Safety. As mentioned at the beginning of this blog the driving aspect can be very challenging. Our guides know this road like the back of their hand. Visiting points of interest like waterfalls, beaches, caves and blowholes can be very dangerous! One false step or bad positioning can result in serious injury or even be fatal. Our adventurous guides are well versed in the dangers that this journey poses. Let them give you a helping hand and advise you what not to do. Reliable data has confirmed at least 15 fatalities from people taking reckless selfies in 2015 so far, which is almost double the amount of fatalities from shark attacks. This trip is loaded with selfie opportunities. Don’t become another statistic of the selfie generation, simply hire a guide for your Road Trip to Hana. Our guides will be more than happy to be your personal photographer for the day.

Waterfall Tours Maui

Experience Maui Waterfalls on the Road to Hana

Thank you for spending the time reading this blog. In closing I would like to put in one disclaimer. If you do choose to hire a private guided tour of the Road to Hana and do not choose Blue Soul Maui to do so, I can not guarantee you will be happy with your decision. I can guarantee that if you do choose Blue Soul Maui to be your private tour guide for the day you will be very happy you did.



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