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Recently Blue Soul Maui had the privilege of taking a young honeymoon couple on a Maui paddle boarding tour. Originally they contacted us wanting to do a few activities, standup paddling, snorkeling and some sort of fun hike. I recommended combining the standup paddle lesson and snorkeling into one adventure. After a quick consultation the itinerary was set.

The morning started out by picking up the newlywed couple at the Four Seasons in Wailea and whisking them off to the west side of Maui. With boards strapped to the top of the jeep and snorkel gear, beach chairs, umbrella and a cooler packed full of goodies in the back; we were fully prepared for a great adventure. Next stop, the reefs of Olowalu.

Maui Stand up paddle

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After arriving at the destination, we unpacked everything and set up a nice little spot on the beach just a few feet away from where the ocean was gently lapping waves on the sand. After a quick introduction on how to stand up and paddle and a little safety briefing we were off. Since it was their first time standup paddling I put all the snorkel gear onto my board. We paddled out into amazing conditions, flat water with great visibility made for an amazing experience.

After paddling for about 30 minutes we tied the boards together with our leashes and dropped an anchor onto the white sand below, we then put on our snorkel gear and hopped in.  The fish were in great abundance with lots of variety. The reefs of Olowalu are among the best in the world. They form maze like patterns with white sand strips in-between. We swam around for about 45 minute or so, then hopped back on our boards and leisurely paddled our way back to shore.

Maui Snorkeling Tours

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On the shore waiting for them was a relaxing spot on the beach in some shade with a cooler full of ice cold refreshments and delicious snacks. As the newlyweds sat and relaxed and chatted about all the different cool things they saw, I loaded up the equipment.

Getting to spend days like this and creating memories for people coming to Maui is what keeps our dreams alive. We from Blue Soul Maui thank you all very much. If you or someone you know is coming to Maui and want to capture the essence of what Maui has to offer, give us a call and lets start planning your future memories.


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