Surf Safari Maui

Today Blue Soul Maui went on a epic Surf Safari. One of Blue Soul’s first clients Max was back on Maui with 2 of his friends. Max started doing surf lessons with Charlie about 10 years ago, when Max was about 8 years old. His family would come to Maui sometimes three times a year. During each of their stay, Max would go surfing with Charlie at least 5 days of their trip. As Max grew up, his skills starting improving, which transformed into surfing more advance spots around the island of Maui. Now , Max is going into his senior year in high school. He now has surfed in multiple countries, mostly in central America. He has become quite the surfer. So now when he comes to Maui we search for the biggest waves of the day. Today we found that Olowalu on the west side had the best conditions. A nice break that ¬†breaks right and left. We had glassy conditions , not too crowded. A lot of fun!

Surfing Safari West Maui

Before we went surfing I took the boys to see some ancient petroglyphs. It was pretty cool. These carvings were put there by Hawaiians over 400 years ago. They can be viewed about a 1 minute drive off the main highway on the west side of Maui.

After surfing we went in to Lahaina for some lunch. We decided on eating at Kimo’s on Front street. One of Max’s friends dad used to work there back in the day before he was born. Lunch was great! We had Ahi poke Avocado towers and Fresh fish sandwiches and burgers that were dripping with goodness.

Max had mentioned how he has never seen the upper westside of Maui past Honolua Bay. So I decided to take them on a little road trip adventure. About 3 miles past Honolua Bay, we stopped at lookout point to get a couple pictures. We saw a pod of spinner dolphins frolicking below us.

We stopped in the little village of Kahakaloa to get some of Julia’s famous banana bread. Super moist and delicious. They also had some cold lilikoi lemonade to quench our thirst. A few miles down the road we pulled over to see some hidden waterfalls and cool off in the cool fresh water pools.

I love my job. Today I got to go surfing with some young rippers, go eat some awesome food sitting next to the ocean . Swim under waterfalls. Take a road trip seeing some of the most beautiful views Maui has to offer. I truly love to share these experiences and feel very blessed to be in the position to do them.

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